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For your reading pleasure, spiritual growth, and/or intellectual development, check out some of my favorite posts as of late with a quote to pique your interest:

  • An example of prayer from Charles Spurgeon – “Our Father, Your children who know You delight themselves in Your presence. We are never happier than when we are near You. We have found a little heaven in prayer. It has eased our load to tell You of its weight; it has relieved our wound to tell You of its hurt; it has restored our spirit to confess to You its wanderings. No place like the mercy seat for us.”
  • Who knew nuns would sue?– “The Missionary Sisters of Sacred Heart (MSSH) in Manhattan has filed a complaint against a Filipino-American couple, Michael and Gloria Lim, over a Filipino delicacy called tuyo (dried fish), and its funky cousin, the tinapa (smoked fish).”
  • Are you sliding or deciding through your life?– “Sliding vs. Deciding… contrasts how things often happen with how things could be. The core idea is that people often are sliding through important transitions in relationships–or moments in life–rather than deciding. Commitments that enrich our lives, that we are most likely to follow through on, are based in decisions. While we don’t have to make decisions about everything, we do best when we make decisions about the most important things in life.”
  • What I can’t see now– “God will put me through an experience or have me do something that seems completely unrelated to what I think I need to be doing to serve Him. […]  In the end, the skill I learned in going through a hard time came in handy later. More often, the skill was simply learning to trust God and wait on His grace and provision.”
  • Why?  For the high, of course! – “To let go of seeking highs in any form — to learn to eschew the pleasurable rushes that come with control and short-term payoffs and seek only the slow-moving, deep-rooted peace that comes with when we begin to break our attachments to those things that come between our relationship with God — will require a level of spiritual maturity way beyond where I am now.”

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