Good and gracious

That would be God- good and gracious.

How forgetful I am, and yet, still…He is so good and gracious.  

This week is Spring Break, and I have thoroughly enjoyed both the break and the spring.  Sunny 80 degrees + feeling right at home with friends-turned-family + gracious conviction = delight

I learned a lot this week about the application of truth to my life; it has something to do with the 18 inches between my head and my heart.  It also has something to do with examining my own heart before blaming circumstances, God for allowing circumstances, or other people.  

And, by the grace of God alone, I will pursue the short but powerful direction of Jesus to love God and love others, wherever I am and whoever that includes.  

The down payment on the grace of this week was a tree of orange (precisely, tangelo) blossoms in the Shelton’s backyard despite the complete lack of my favorite flower and smell elsewhere in the valley combined with several hours of chatting and deliciousness on Monday afternoon.

img_5658I went from that to 24-hour prayer where God was faithful to bring His truth from mind to heart.  It was a lovely way to start my trip!


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