The Grace Margin: inside His will, outside my ability

gracemargin2So I’ve been thinking…this isn’t anything new.  It’s just a way for my visual brain to think about God’s truth, and I figured I’d share it.  If you have any ideas/commentary/etc., please comment.

We all have some sort of human ability.  Even this ability is because of the grace of God, and it is good.

When we enter into relationship with God through Jesus, we must leave the realm of human ability because we cannot approach God alone.  However, our natural human tendency is then to return (or try to return) to the comfort zone of what we can do- our own abilities.

And that’s where frustration comes in.  We try to do alone what we can only do in the grace margin: the place outside of our abilities but inside the will of God.  Doing all to the glory of God, loving one another, loving God, and living missionally all require more than any human can offer alone.  I find myself frustrated at times because I tried, by myself, and project X, Y, or Z didn’t work out.

However, when I remember that God’s grace is available and recognize that I simply need to step into it, I find a fresh delight.  I can rejoice in the call of God to His kingdom work, knowing that it is far beyond me but also knowing that His grace is ever-present.  I can expect great redemption and appreciate great forgiveness because He has lavished His grace on us. (Eph. 1)

More later on life in the grace margin…and learning to live there.


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