Happy Easter Monday!


He can move the mountains.

My God is mighty to save!

He is mighty to save.


Author of Salvation,

He rose and conquered the grave.

Jesus conquered the grave!


On the day after Easter, when the sugar high is gone and the external celebration is over, may the glory of the risen King, the Author of Salvation, Jesus, be the reason we sing today, tomorrow, and into eternity!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter Monday!

  1. Hi Angela!

    I’m glad you are back to work, and praying for your total recovery.

    God news, we had snow this morning. Kathleen’s first thought upon seeing it was, “I want to get saved today!” Thus, we prayed before she went to school this morning 🙂

    He is Risen! Glad you had such a lovely Easter.

    Love Auntie

  2. Amen to the song.

    We did have a Happy Easter, though the cloud on Monday was goodby to a good friend but he is rejoicing today with the Author of it all.

    Hope you are better, I didn’t hear of illness.

    Hang in a few more weeks,



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