happy sick day

You’d think I’d be improving my sick day strategy; today is #4 in the last two weeks for the same lingering ick.  My newest additions/delights include a stack of DVDs from the library: a French spy movie (no, I don’t mind subtitles, though they make it hard to follow when my eyes accidentally shut), British dramas, a Chinese documentary, and a American film or two to round it out.  

I was also pleased to discover that several of my favorite bloggers had posted, my smoothie turned out remarkably Jamba-Juice-esque, and the sunshine fits through the skylights perfectly so as to warm my feet.

The French spy has a pet turtle that she talks to…interesting.


One thought on “happy sick day

  1. I tried to write this AM that I hope you get better but didn’t go through.
    I’m so glad your Dad remembered your feet need to be warm and put in the skylight in.
    We are watching “Topper Returns” with
    Joan Blondell. ( ask Grandfather8=) ).
    Stay in bed, eat asprin and ice cream and orange juice, and take care of yourself.
    The peanut gallery needs you.


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