Oooh…check it out!

You never know where a trail on the world wide web could lead.

I read a NY article about Portland, Or, yesterday, and discovered that the carts I saw when I was there in March are a big deal.  There’s a blog detailing the individual carts that make up this growing trend and providing information about where and when you can find them.  (You can view a map of Portland Food Carts here.)

My present plan is to wander around when I’m in town this summer and try several out.  The one cart I don’t want to miss is this ice cream cart which offers various flavors of ice cream.  Present choices include Yerba Mate ice cream drink, Salmon and Cream Cheese ice cream, served on a cracker with dill and capers, aperagas ice cream, and Gingersnap cookie and Basil (yes, that’s all one ice cream).  

If there’s one thing Portland doesn’t lack, it’s eclectic culture!


On a random thought off of that…what would a redemptive, community-based, relationship-building food cart look like?  Could it lead to a testimony of “I met Jesus at a food cart” some day?  Hmm…


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