On the relationship between trust and following

“Are you ordering me to trust him?”

“I’m telling you to follow him.”

Do you ever have that odd experience of random quotes provoking thought like a burr between your sock and shoe?  Maybe I’m an odd duck, but it seems to happen quite regularly; this was the latest.  A quote from a TV show led me back to the book club discussion around the fire pit Saturday night on trust and love.  Trust flows from sacrificial love and compels us.

We can follow Jesus because we trust Him- for salvation, for life, for direction, for daily grace, and so much more.  Out of His love, He gave us reason to trust and follow Him.  

Following is certainly easier where trust is present, but it is not precluded when trust is absent.  In the work context of these quotes, the follower must follow out of obligation, but he is unlikely to trust his boss without assurance of trustworthiness and proven leadership.  On one hand, in the context of intimate relationship, following without trust is a slap in the face.  However, in the context of much of life, such following seems necessary.

What do you think?


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