Tiny fractures, big rocks- the stuff of life

The rock seemed so big, looming large in front of me.  It appeared to offer at least decent hand- and foot-holds suitable for climbing to the top alone.  As I laid across the top of the rock, though, I discovered that it could easily be chipped away with the flick of a finger. 

With each chunk broken from the rock, I could easily see the sand and dirt that had seeped down into the cracks, weakening the rock and allowing me to break it off so easily.  I wondered about how secure the footholds I had used truly were; if they were of the same material, could they have broken away so easily under the weight of my foot?

What about the seemingly large edifices in my life, both good and bad?  Are those things which seem so absolute and impossible to move or change really as permanent as they appear?  What can I do to prevent fractures in the good?  What can I do to break down the bad?

When it was time to come down, I scooted down, not depending on one point to hold my weight but balancing between several.  When my feet were again on solid-but- sandy ground (which is odd to say!), I finished my walk on the beach. 

At this point, I have no answer to most of my questions.  I am, however, glad to remember that Jesus is the rock which does not change, cannot be fractured, and will not be eroded!


One thought on “Tiny fractures, big rocks- the stuff of life

  1. So true.

    Thank you.
    Have a safe weekend.
    Remember those who have gone before. ( subject of pastor Brian’s message.)

    God Bless,

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