Delights of the Day

a lake full of water

sprinkles fall from the paddles

refreshingly cool

tickles my toes

alternately still 

or slightly thwaping the kayak with little ripples


trees surrounding

filled with invisible but loud birds

(I wish for Wayne and Erma’s expertise to identify them!)

mostly filled with dark green summer leaves

but with a few late bloomers 

sporting lime-green leaves, new to the world


but first…

a covenant of two

becoming one in front of God and everybody

beautiful, occasionally blushing bride

quiet but grateful groom

families welcoming a new family

and friends blessed to be a part


all on a sunny, almost-summer day.

You’ll find no complaints here.


One thought on “Delights of the Day

  1. As for the birds, they are Full Voice Evaders.
    or there may be a few LBBs.

    As for ripples and sprinkles. I know not what you are refering to.

    Bride, ah, It’s been some time back.

    The sunny I know.

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