Maybe someday, I won’t need the constant question.  For now, I need to reflect on the why of my actions, lack of action, and words often.  I’ve been challenged by Jesus’ example (as recorded in Luke 8) of action motivated only by His Father’s purposes and love. 

  • vs. 21- He risks offending His earthly family to make a statement valuing His spiritual family.
  • vs. 22- He directs a trip across the lake that He knows will involve a storm, goes to sleep, and challenges His disciples’ faith while commanding peace.
  • vs. 26-38- He heals a man filled with demons and gets kicked out of the village.
  • vs. 40- He returns to a crowd of people waiting for Him.
  • vs. 45- He stops on an emergency healing trip to make personal contact with and extend peace to a woman He had already healed.
  • vs. 56- He requests silence from the parents of a newly resurrected girl.

Rooted firmly in the love of His Father and His clear calling, Jesus acted.  His identity was set; His motivations were clear.  Whether loved or hated by others, He loved them well.

Oh, to walk in His ways!


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