Hold onto your lederhosen!

That’s what April told me a few days ago as I finished sharing a story of God’s grace in my life.  She had seen me, listened to me, prayed for me, and let me cry on her shoulder as I realized more of my own brokenness the day before.  We reflected on Jesus’ offer to bring healing in both of our lives, despite the differences in situations. 

I don’t always know what healing looks like, and I rarely know how the healing will come.  The man at the pool certainly expected to be healed via the pool, and Jesus surprised him by asking if he would be made whole.  (You can find the whole story in John 5.)

April extended Jesus’ offer to me, asking if I would be made whole.  As we reflected on another step toward wholeness, she passed on this advice:

When tell Jesus that you want to be made whole, hold onto your lederhosen!

That’s the kind of advice I needed to hear.  It’s faith in living color.


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