For the good of humanity

…knowing God to be God is the supreme good and blessing for human beings made in God’s image. […] Insofar as our missional engagement is a matter of making God known, it is by that very fact also a matter of bringing blessing and good to people, for “the LORD is good.”  Mission is not the imposition of yet another religious bondage upon an already overburdened humanity.  It is the sharing of the liberating knowledge of the one true living God…

I’m reading The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative by Christopher Wright and loving it.  I’m learning a lot and remembering a lot of foundational truths that refresh my soul.

As a kid, I heard many an argument for evangelism (selling Jesus) that used the vacuum cleaner salesman analogy.  It usually goes something like this: if you were trying to sell a vacuum cleaner, you would want to know that it works and how it works.  You would also want to know how it could improve the life of the potential customer.  Then, you could pass on the information to your customers and successfully sell the machine.

The analogy falls apart at some point, though, because people have existed (quite aptly, though perhaps not as conveniently) for thousands of years without vacuum cleaners.  However, knowledge that the LORD is good has been the “supreme good and blessing” for us as humans since the day Adam and Eve were created, and it still is.

Knowing God is essential for wholeness and peace as a human; Jesus is the only way.  Sharing these truths is not a matter of selling an add-on to one’s life or introducing another brand of bondage.  Sharing these truths is an invitation to true freedom, for “if the Son sets free, you will be free indeed!”  (John 8:36)


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