All too true…

Both of these articles published today rang all too true for me.  Enjoy!

Why You Don’t Want to Be Loved– Because it would hurt, of course!   The piercing question remains: “Can we live all loved?”

Certain Change– “I’d like to think that someday I’ll have it all figured out. If I could just convince God to hand over a detailed five-year itinerary every so often, then I would glide through each transition in my life without a single misstep.”  Me too!

The reminder from the Father as I watched a LBB (little brown bird) in a park this morning was well-timed and went something like this: Given My care for the littlest, commonest bird, don’t you think that I have a plan for you, carefully made and carefully executed?  You are worth much more to Me.”  (See Matthew 6:26.)

When I wonder what that plan entails (and if it lines up with my own hopeful plan), I need only to remember that knowledge and relationship with God is my highest good.  In relationship with Him, I can be whole, no matter the wheres, whens, whats, whos, or how the plan unfolds.


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