The way it’s meant to be

I’m taking a class this week for work, and I’m learning a lot.  Something today caught my attention, though.

A classmate shared an experience from work that went something like this: She mentioned her family, a student asked if all three of her children had the same father, and she said yes.  She had been married to her husband for around 20 years, and shared that with the student.  Her question for the class instructor was about the appropriateness of her response and the possibility of judging that child’s life (which included multiple siblings with multiple fathers).

The instructor’s response was what struck me.  She recommended stated ambivalence to various lifestyles, whether those lifestyles included a stable marriage and a healthy home or a dysfunctional relationship and a miserable home.  This answer was given soon after we discussed how harmful the lack of a father is and how damaging an unstable family situation can be.

I have no desire to make kids feel guilty for their parents’ poor decisions and actions, but I also have no desire to leave them with the lie that there is no hope to move beyond their own experiences.  The truth is that God’s design for families is perfect, though imperfectly implemented by humanity.  One mommy and one daddy who love each other and love their kiddos makes a big difference in a little life!

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