God Alone

Only You, You alone
Are worthy of the glory, Lord
And every crown we’ll ever wear
We lay it down
We bow our knees, we confess
You are Lord all by Yourself
You reign alone upon Your throne of righteousness
Only You

Who is like the Lord our God
Who reigns in majesty?
Who formed the earth and the heavens above
The mountains, the deserts and seas?
Who deserves honor?
Who deserves praise?
Who is the sovereign King?

Who is like the Lord our God?
Who lifts those of low degree
And who by His grace and faithfulness
He calls us His family?
And who deserves honor?
And who deserves praise?
And who is the sovereign King?

We cry holy is the Lord
We cry worthy is the Lamb
We cry holy is the Lord
We exalt the great I Am

I’ve been reading (yes, more Mission of God) about idolatry.  My concept of idolatry has been stretched, and this song rings out with the truth that God is God.

Christopher Wright makes the point that idols are most frequently:

  1. things that entice us (eg. nature)
  2. things we fear (eg. the Canaanite god of the sea in Bible times)
  3. things that we trust (eg. security measures, military power)
  4. things we need (eg. nature or even oneself as the sole provider for ones’ needs)

Clearly, God is the only One who should be adored, feared, trusted, and recognized as our provider.  Anything less keeps from God the glory that He is due, reduces the image of God in humanity, and disappoints in the end.

Only You, and You alone are worthy, Lord!


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