Snipets on Summer in Seattle

Yes, it did rain today…but the temps were in the low 70’s, and it was pretty nice despite the gray.  I’m sorry for all of those tourists hoping for the standard sunny day, but it was a nice reprieve from 100 degree+ days.

On another random note, it has taken me years to figure out that the best $5 one can spend at the market is a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Someone spotted a bee on one today- that’s fresh!  If a picture could adequately communicate the amazingness of the smell/sight/softness of the bouquet I bought, I’d post it.  (You could just come visit Seattle, and get your own!)

The eyes of a child can make a huge difference in one’s perspective.  This is true at the market as well.  I went with a little one today, and her interest/delight/disgust in the fish/flowers/gum wall (respectively) made it a whole lot of fun to wander around.  She got to see heirloom tomatoes, whole crabs, and freshly-fried doughnuts all in the course of a few hours, and I noticed them more because of her presence.

So next time you go somewhere cool, take a kiddo along with you.


One thought on “Snipets on Summer in Seattle

  1. To make a prarie it takes a clover
    And one bee, —
    One clover, and a bee,
    And reverie.
    The reverie alone will do
    If bees are few.


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