Wholeness and Holiness, Brokenness and Resurrection

I find myself wanting to quote large paragraphs of good books here. This is not necessarily bad; the words of wise men and women of God are good for you to read, just like they’re good for me to read.

That said, plagiarism is not the purpose of this blog, and I will refrain from simply reproducing the work of others. I will, however, point you in the direction I’ve most recently taken and recommend it heartily for your own thought and consideration.

I just finished Following Jesus by N.T.Wright.  (If you haven’t heard of him, he’s a pretty important contemporary theologian and a brilliant guy who loves Jesus a lot.)  It is pastoral in tone but meaty in content.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the second half:

In that knowledge [that love became human and died, and now is alive forevermore, and holds the keys of Death and Hades] we find ourselves to be Sunday people, called to live in a world of Fridays.  In that knowledge, we know ourselves to be Easter people, called to minister to a world full of Calvarys.

My dad likes to remind me that, “Sunday’s coming!”  Sunday, as he uses it, implies the hope that all will not be as it is presently.  Whatever is broken, hurt, and cause for tears now will be healed; what is dead will be resurrected and restored.  This is the life of following Jesus, a life holding onto the hope that does not disapoint or bring shame because of the love of God.

Wholeness is found down the road of holiness…We are to live in the present as resurrection people: ‘if you have been raised with Christ,’ says Paul, ‘seek the things that are above…[and] put to death…whatever in you is earthly’ (Colossians 3:1-5).


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