Gratitude list: #1-25

Inspired by another young one, I decided to start an ongoing  gratitude list.  Here’s my first 25, not necessarily in order of importance!

  1. slightly sweetened milk left over after a bowl of multi-grain Cheerios
  2. warm, but not hot, sunshine through the window
  3. grid lines in my (physical) journal
  4. fresh lettuce and tomatoes from the garden
  5. time to think
  6. fresh-brewed iced tea
  7. my bed, a book, and a breeze after a full day
  8. my bed on a leisurely summer morning
  9. freedom to choose my own schedule on a summer day
  10. The Mission of God– both the book and (mostly) the immense truth of God’s mission
  11. The Message– to jolt me out of habitual understanding and make me consider God’s truth afresh
  12. the knowledge that my life is in God’s hands
  13. the joy of anticipating God’s work
  14. the hope of the resurrection
  15. the wind rushing around me on a bike ride
  16. temperature changes with minor altitude changes which are imperceptible in a car and refreshing on a bike
  17. patient drivers
  18. the silent smile of a couple walking in the evening
  19. the reminder of the Holy Spirit that quiet time is not wasted time (and discernment to recognize the lying voice of the enemy)
  20. servant-heartedness in those around me: volunteers to provide a meal, take care of kids
  21. the smell of forest
  22. cotton-candy pink clouds against a baby-blue sky at sunset
  23. chocolate-brownie thunder ice cream
  24. cold milk with the aforementioned ice cream
  25. the discovery of yet more books donated to my classroom library

4 thoughts on “Gratitude list: #1-25

  1. Wow…”The Mission of God” makes the top 10. I told you you would like it. More interesting reading to come. Praying your “new” year goes well.

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