Don’t let the cheese curls get the best of you!

“Maybe I can’t.  But maybe I can.  This is the day to find out.”

I saw The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything today with a few young friends.  We enjoyed fruit snacks, trail mix, and Skittles while watching a screen full of vegetables.  Is there something wrong with this picture??

In any case, one of the characters in the movie faces a situation that seems impossible.  (For those of you who are wondering what seems impossible for a gourd, let me fill you in: he was being chased by cheese curls and faced a huge pile of rocks, each of which was larger than his body vegetable.)

After a moment of lying flat on the ground and resigning himself to death (by cheese curls!), a crab appears with a picture of him with his girlfriend.  He realizes that he doesn’t want his life to be over, despite his chronic laziness, and makes the above statement.

There’s something to be said for the power of relationships (and conversely, the power of isolation).  It’s easy to give up when you feel alone, whether or not there is any basis of fact to that feeling.  Preventative maintenance on those relationships takes effort, and to be honest, I have a lot of growing to do in that area.  I was reminded today that it’s worth it.

The next time I feel like giving up and letting the cheese curls get the best of me, I’ll glance at the photos on my walls, look at my kids, and reach out for a hug.  Maybe I can’t…but maybe I can.


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