Gratitude List: #26-43

Gratitude list, continued:

26. a 3-yr-old voice singing what he can remember of  “You Are Holy” absentmindedly while playing, which  sounded like: “I can love you, I can love you…I can listen,  I can listen…”

27. half-birthdays with funfetti cake

28. dress-up + imagination

29. stairs-turned-mountain

30. resilient kids

31. sunbeams on bright red hair

32. wireless internet to watch kids and blog at the same time

33. cooperative play

34. older siblings teaching letter sounds

35. independent reading

36. the itch of healing (drives me crazy, but a good sign nonetheless!)

37. properly used punctuation

38. fun and free fonts

39. “evenly spread-out super powers” (a direct quote)

40. the head of a little one on my shoulder

41. a full dinner table

42. easy-to-put-to-bed kids

43. the quiet peace of a house with everyone else asleep


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