In Christ


The careful work of scoring and breaking glass for a stained-glass window by practiced hands reminds me of the gracious work of God to allow and provide discipline in my own life.  When I am tempted to doubt that His work is for my good and His glory (most of all!), He reminds me that in Christ, I

  • am adopted into God’s family
  • am allowed to enter into the celebration of God’s lavish gift-giving
  • am made free, abundantly free
  • find out who I am and what I am living for
  • am signed, sealed, and delivered by the Holy Spirit
  • am made alive
  • am showered with grace and mercy
  • am saved
  • created to join God in the work He does
  • am no longer an outsider
  • am no longer an exile
  • at home in the kingdom of faith

(from Ephesians 1 and 2, in the words the The Message)

The fitting into the big picture may not come as quickly or easily as I would like, but He is the ultimate artist.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

IMG_5907The grinding

IMG_5896The work in progress


2 thoughts on “In Christ

  1. I recognize those hands. Quite tender and loving I might add (which also applies to God’s hands). Note the seeming brokenness which is meshed together into a beautiful mosaic. Consider also that it is only when the LIGHT shines through the BROKENNESS that the TRUTH can be seen by those observing it.

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