What does your status say about you?

There are the positive:

  • What a great day!  I love my job!
  • I got to (insert something random but amazing to the author) today!  It was great!

There are the neutral:

  • time to fix dinner
  • packing to go to _____

There are the exciting:

  • Welcome to the world, (new baby)!
  • Yay for vacation!

There are the depressing:

  • Could it get any worse?
  • It’s only Monday and life is already headed downhill fast!

There are cryptic:

  • If only you knew what you had done…
  • The cost was too great and the prize was too small…

Facebook statuses…apparently most of us have them.  Some of us update monthly; some update daily; others update hourly.  Despite saying so much, the question remains: what are we saying?  What do those who know me mostly via Facebook think of me?  What kind of attitude toward life do I display? Is the fruit of the Spirit evident?

It’s easy to let a status update become an outlet to vent or an avenue for complaint.  Some people find those uses completely appropriate.  It seems to me, though, that the cautions issued repeatedly throughout the Bible may find some application on a Facebook News Feed.  If we are to do everything without complaining so that we may become blameless and pure children of God…shining like stars in the universe as we hold out the word of life, maybe Facebook fits into “everything”.

May the words of our statuses and the attitudes of our hearts be pleasing in His.  May those who don’t know the Savior be drawn by even the bits and pieces they read on Facebook.


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