Declining Abundance

I heard about a concept in conservation biology the other day that got me thinking about how the same truths could be applicable in the body of Christ.  After a weekend in the town of my childhood complete with amazing stories of God’s work there in the last 100 years,  I have fewer answers than ever.

From what I understand, declining abundance is a well-documented phenomena in the natural world.  With various species, the number of organisms in a particular area can decrease due to any number of factors, human and not.  Over time, the measure of “abundance” can also change.  What is considered an abundant population now may be half of the population 20 years ago.

As I sat and listened to story after story of incredible healings and restoration over the last 100 years, I wondered if it is possible for the church to experience the same sort of change.  Is it possible that our perception of God is different enough today to significantly alter our expectations and faith for what His abundant life and work could look like?

If so, my guess is that such a slide occurs over time, slowly enough that we don’t notice it.  It’s only in taking a look back or sometimes, by looking at another believer, that we notice it.  Self-reliance creeps in and our default shifts from trusting God to show up to trying to make life work independently.

So I pray for eyes of faith to see the abundance that God would gladly provide.

What do you think?  Have you seen changes in the body of Christ in your lifetime?


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