Victory and Safety

Where there is no guidance the people fall,

But in abundance of counselors there is victory. (*also translated safety*)

-Proverbs 11:14

Several circumstances and a few more conversations have left me considering the role of mentors and close relationships in my life once again.  There was a time, not long ago, when I thought about this topic nearly daily, taught about it often, and pursued it actively.

Somehow (and that’s a different story), life has happened and my active pursuit has waned due to neglect.  I am contemplating a semi-major decision at the moment, though, and have found myself realizing my need of the counsel and guidance afresh.  As I thought about it last night, the following questions for prayer and reflection came to mind:

  1. Who is speaking into your life?
  2. Are you pursuing God’s wisdom (as opposed to the wisdom of the age), especially in the challenging areas of life?
  3. Are you actively seeking the victory found in the abundance of counselors?
  4. Are you willing to truly listen to the hard truth, spoken in love?
  5. Are you open to wisdom from godly but unexpected sources?
  6. Do you discount what you don’t like without thought and prayer?
  7. Does your attitude indicated teachability so as to encourage advisement?

One thought on “Victory and Safety

  1. Like I told you before, I really feel if you can wiggle out of it it may not be God’s will.
    I have every confidence that you will know what he wants you to do when the time comes. Maybe not before the right time, but when you follow HE will always lead you right.
    Do talk to your mentors and others for help, sometimes go through open doors, but when you feel confident then you will know what to do.
    We will pray GOD’s rich blessings on you and your family. We still love you.

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