Are you tired of hearing about the economy yet?  Is it horrible to say that I am?

I’d take a boring, humming-along, not-exploding-because-it’s-growing-so-fast economy over the boom or bust of the last few years that have pretty much made up my entire lifetime so far.  I understand that a boring economy is not what the experts say we need, (maybe because if the analysts lost their jobs, they would drive unemployment up further?), but what would happen if we focused on something besides how much money we (don’t) have?*

We might focus on something more important.

I read The Wealthy Ones by Don Best this morning, and when I finished, I cared even less about the economy for the sake of the economy.  I care about people and how the vast economic forces impact them, but maybe we have a lot to learn from Jesus-followers in the middle of the Amazon whose economy consists of catching fish for dinner.

Here’s a quote:

“If you should ever go back to New England,” he said, “tell them we’re praying for them.  That they might become people of faith.”


*I am very thankful for my job, and thankful for the many ways that God provides for me.


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