The Mess We Call Christmas I

Tonight was our “Candles and Carols” service at church.  We lit a bunch of candles and tried to figure out just the right lighting, dimming the lights to allow the right balance of safety and ambiance, when headlights abruptly shone through the window.  The effect was gone.  I commented about how the attempt at serenity and peace instantly failed and how it seems that life is often the same way.

We try to relax- to set up environments and situations to allow peace and serenity- and the headlights of life interrupt.  Plans change, diagnoses happen, accidents occur, and such is life.

On pretty much every level possible, Jesus came into a “headlights moment” than a soft, candle-lit moment, despite what the Christmas cards show.  He was born into an occupied country to a mom who faced potential stoning for being pregnant before marriage as his parents made a mandatory trip to pay taxes.  Then, country-wide infanticide was ordered due to the threat He posed.

He’s no stranger to the messiness of life.


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