Future life

I was chatting with some dear friends a bit ago when I used the term “future life.”  By this, I explicitly mean the life that I will live in the future; I actually envision some fanciful, lovely-at-every-moment, dream-like existence in which hopes are instantly fulfilled, there is no need for character development, and problems are quickly and easily solved (if they exist at all).

My friends were good* enough to call me on my false hope.  There is no “future life” as such, even if I’m hoping for one.  It is only in my dreams that such a world exists.  Some dreams come true, but this one won’t.

So maybe my hopes would be invested best in the present as well as the future- what God is bringing to pass as His kingdom comes to earth as it is in heaven and as His will is done.  Longing for the day of complete fulfillment seems to be part of creation’s work, but it’s not my only work.


*You know friends are good when they call you on such things.  Acquaintances let you believe lies for myriad reasons; good friends call lies what they are in kind but true ways.


One thought on “Future life

  1. Actually, Angela, this “future life” does exist; just not on this earth as it is now. But it is coming, you’ll just have to be patient.

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