You know it’s Jesus when

  • you get into the emergency room without a wait
  • preteen girls stay up from 2am-3am to pray for their friend
  • symptoms that point to appendicitis actually indicate a much simpler diagnosis
  • you get up after 3 hours of sleep and are awake and functional (mostly)
  • you drive for 3 hours on 3 hours of sleep and only yawn twice
  • a sick little girl sleeps for all but 15 minutes of those 3 hours
  • after a day like that, the only thing you can say is, “Thank You, Lord.”


In addition, I had an early morning with a conference and forgot to drink my tea (blessed caffeine).  Even still, the morning was the best one I can remember at work in a long time!  That’s Jesus!

(I had a student who was inside to finish work notice the title of this post.  He went on to tell me that Christian stuff really “ticks him up” and that he doesn’t like religious stuff like that.  I asked him how his math was going. :P)


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