Recipe for a lovely day off

Start with a good night’s sleep.  Wake up slowly and enjoy the fact that you don’t have anywhere to be immediately.

Get up and eat a good breakfast while enjoying daily bread for your soul.  Linger at the table and ponder what you have read with some reflection-inducing music in the background.

Grab a book by a Nobel Prize-winning author and consider quotes like, “If we live in a state of constant fear, can we remain human?”

Take a walk around a lake in the sunshine.  Notice the quote on a Pepperidge Farm truck: “Good is in the details.”  Imagine that it says, “God is in the details.” and be thankful that both are true.

When you get home and the lake looks like glass, pull out the kayak and rubber boots.  Wade through the swampy shoreline and delight in the sunshine on your back and the puffy clouds in the sky.

When you can’t find the lemon recipe you’re looking for, be flexible.  Switch to an Apple Skillet Brownies recipe and convect bake it so you can eat it a few minutes sooner.  After having dessert first, have a marginally healthy dinner.

Turn on the Olympics and fold a load of laundry for 5 minutes of accomplishment for the day.

Finally, blog about your day, and be grateful.


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