Would you like that this was possible?

Yeah, the grammar is driving me crazy too.  It’s easily forgivable, though, since this was left on the edge of the water in Thessaloniki, Greece.  My Greek would be, well, not worth posting.

This sign sat amongst a bunch of broken-down pseudo-buildings.  It looked as if a carnival or street market had previously occupied the area, but was now on to a more exciting venue.  I wondered who had written it originally and what the initial “this” had been.

The question remained: Would you like that this was possible?

Almost two years ago, I read it for the first time.  The question pops into my head unexpectedly every once in awhile, accompanied by several others:  What do I dream about?  What do I wish was possible?   What I am doing about it?  What does God think about it?   Have I asked Him?

When I first read this sign, I had a heart set on a number of dreams.  They weren’t bad in and of themselves; some were really good.  Many of them have not come to fruition as I hoped they would, but in their place have come a few replacements.  These dreams are a bit more tentative, and much more surrendered.

And yes, I would like that this was possible.

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