Oh delight!

Short story, sweet delight tonight:

I listened to a podcast about a week ago of a lecture* on Adoring Christ given by Dr. Tim Keller.  The truth he shared compelled me to worship a great God Who gave His Word and redeemed His bride.

One section was on adoring Christ by meditating on His Word.  He suggests meditating on a word by praising God, confessing, and asking for grace.  Keller quote Martin Luther, who said, “Meditate until the Holy Spirit starts to preach to your heart.  Then write everything down.”

It’s been sheer delight to try this out.  How sweet it is to savor His Word!

*You can find it on Itunes if you would like to listen. If you search for Timothy Keller and filter for ItunesU, it should come up.  The title is “Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World” and it’s called “Adoring Christ: Communion with God” from Reformed Theological Seminary (#17 when I tried it).


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