What I’m (not) doing

How easy to

but not really

I turn on a podcast…and listen to 70% of it- the 70% that plays while I’m still in earshot and while the sink isn’t pouring out water and the tea kettle isn’t singing its own unique song.

I pull up my bloglines page…and read the first line of each paragraph or the caption for a picture until the post I want to read is finished loading.  Then, I scan it quickly, save the url for future use (maybe) or re-posting (less likely yet).

I click over to watch a show from a week or two ago…and watch when I’m not using another window for a recipe, reading (see above) an article, or writing an email.

There should be no surprise, then, that when it comes time to truly focus on the present, my mind wanders.  This may be nurtured, self-directed (in the most ironic sense!) ADD-like behavior.

Something must change.  I want to be who I am where I am when I am, not wishing away the moments that make up life.


3 thoughts on “What I’m (not) doing

  1. Or as Jim Elliot wrote…”Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

    Easy words to write…much harder to live. But much better to try than to remain in status quo!!

  2. Wherever you are.
    Which way will you go?
    Will you cross your stream?
    Will you climb your mountain?
    Will you follow your ( GOD’S ) dream for you?

    GOD be with you all the way.
    We will be watching.

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