Just: a favorite prayer word for Christians: “We just thank you, Lord, because You just do so much for us, and we just love You, and would you just…”

But I wonder…does God ever “just” do anything?  Just has several uses and meanings; in this case, I’m using the meaning “simply,” implying that like Nike says, you do it without waiting, fearing failure, or making elaborate plans.

Last night, I considered Passover, the crucifixion, and the way God revealed Himself as Redeemer in both events.  I considered my own life and the way God reveals Himself in the lessons I learn and the opportunities to pass those lessons on.  I considered prophecies that have multiple fulfillments, both immediate and far-off.

I don’t think He just does anything.  He multiplies good out of bad and makes much of every chance to show Himself.  In turn, I am excited to see what He’ll do next…it’s sure to be much more than expected.


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