Oh, Great Light of the World

I did a wee bit ‘o spring cleaning today…which meant a lot of dusting.  I hate dusting.  I’d rather clean toilets than dust.  This is probably why things get so dusty…because I don’t dust. There’s a good reason I hate to dust: the dust flies into the air, I breathe it, and I feel like I’ve lost the battle before it’s fought as the dust falls back to the furniture from which I just removed it.

Anyway…there is a point to this post that supersedes the ick that is dust.  I opened my curtains, slid the window back, and let in the sunshine and fresh air of spring. What did I see??  DUST!! The sunlight, as it so often does, illuminated what I could not see but find disgusting.

And then I thought of Jesus, the Great Light of the World, Who illuminates what is not always seen but is disgusting.  His purity makes the ick in the world clearly visible; His love makes the hatred seen in all its ugliness.  His truth makes the lies that contaminate the world He made apparent for what they are.

But beyond the illumination, beyond making visible, beyond letting us see…

…He redeems.

…He rescues.

…He restores.

And what was disgusting before is made beautiful and clean and free.


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