Mom, You’re the Best!

It’s a high compliment when a kid calls me, “mom.”  I know it’s not intentional, and maybe that’s what makes it sweet.

In honor of my mom, the moms I know, and the moms who graciously love and care and clean with spit all around the world, here are a few links… and a picture.

A relatively new mom posts about what she’s learned from her mom: “Never put the desire to be your child’s friend above the need to be your child’s parent.”  My mom was fond of telling us that she was the meanest mom in the world.  That meant that she wasn’t out to make us happy with her all the time; she was out to mother us well.

A precious note from an eager little guy: He wanted to give his mom her card a day early…but settled for making a “Happy-Day-Before-Mother’s-Day” card.


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