I thought…

…that I’d make it to June 16 without losing my voice.

…that my plan of sleep, Neti-pot, and “taking care of myself” would work.

…that I could muscle through.

Once again, my utter dependence becomes clear, and I plan for a random day at home in the middle of assessment season.  (Yes, that is an official season; the main difference between assessment season and hunting season is the governing body that declares each one.)

So tomorrow will become a day of reflection, in between a doctor’s appointment and a meeting for work- does that still count?- because it’s been two years since the biggest change in my adult life to this point.  Thankfully, I feel like I have more perspective, more appreciation, and more acceptance for the whats and wheres and whos and hows of living life following Jesus than I have in awhile.

I’d like to spend some time saying, “Thanks!” and making sure my eyes are fixed on Him,

even if it does take a sick day to do it.


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