Fixing it up

We talk about fixing up a lot of things in my classroom- poor choices, writing, computation mistakes, and much more.  We write in pencil, and the formula for a verbal apology has come out of my mouth more times than I can count.

So when I watched The Blind Side this weekend, the end stuck with me.  I appreciated that Leigh Anne Tuohy realized her mistake, went back to the person she had wronged, and fixed it up.  There was a lot to like about the movie, but it’s really rare to find an out-and-out admission of guilt and attempt to make things right.

To top off the “fix-it-up” theme, I listened to a podcast by Andy Stanley on Trust and Suspicion.  He makes the point that the way to build a climate of trust in an organization is to start with trusting others and being trustworthy.  Furthermore, he suggests that to be trustworthy, one must make sure that any gaps between promises and reality are owned first and foremost by the one responsible.

It’s common sense but a good reminder nonetheless: if you make a mistake, fix it up.


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