etymology:likely a shortening of a Hebrew phrase translated, “save, we pray”

connotation in my mind (and according to Wikipedia, in many Christian churches): a statement of praise, due to the fact that the crowds praised Jesus using this term as He rode into Jerusalem.

Maybe we use this word so effortlessly because we rarely think about what it means.  How easily we forget that Jesus was welcomed in to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the people- political salvation from a occupying empire.  How easily I forget their desperation for help from a Messiah…

…and how easily I forget my own need, too.

So I think it’s time for me to pray, “Hosanna!” a little more often, to think of my own need for Jesus’ work on the cross, the needs of those around me, and the needs of those around the world.  I need not be crushed by desperation, but I do need to remember what it tastes like to be catapulted back into rightful dependence on the Savior.  Sometimes circumstances bring that taste, and sometimes a wake-up call does it.

In either case, hosanna, Jesus, because we need you.


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