Accidental Date

Definition: time with a person of the opposite gender that the host/hostess sees as a date but which is not seen by the guest as a date due to the lack of definition

Pros: apparently some guys like to avoid the risk of asking a girl on a date.  I don’t blame them.  I’m just saying that from a girl’s point of view, clarity is a wonderful thing*.  Other than that, I can’t see a benefit.  I haven’t heard of a girl who likes this.  But on to cons…

Cons: girl is likely caught off-guard (and may be under-dressed or ill-equipped) and loses respect for the guy who accidentally asked her out.

*Favorite line of my dad’s (the clarity part, not the girl’s point of view part)

**Disclaimer: this post reflects the views of a small number of women and may or may not hold true across the board.

As my sister says, “Be a man.  Make your intentions clear from the start.”  You’ll earn respect for it.


3 thoughts on “Accidental Date

  1. I completely agree with you.. take responsibility, even with the fear of rejection looming, and make your intentions clear.. were you the victim of an accidental date recently?

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