Fear and Trepidation=Loss

“If you can make the enemy run, you will win the battle.  If you can win without firing a shot, do it.”

Sarah and I spent Saturday afternoon at Yorktown.  We dipped our feet in the York River, learned about the battle of Yorktown and the Revolutionary War in general.  After walking through a set up to imitate a colonial farm (complete with guinea fowl and last year’s tobacco crop drying in the shed), we wandered around an encampment and saw six-man-tents

and Shut the Box.

The guides there were great, and they mentioned the concept encapsulated in the quote above over and over again.  Case in point is the design of the musket with a pointy end at the end of the barrel, designed to be leveled at the enemy by hundreds of soldiers:

Somehow, I started thinking about how true that is in life outside of the military battlefield.  In the brain, fear shuts down our ability to learn and makes intelligent decisions challenging.  Spiritually, fear keeps us from trusting God and taking the steps we need to take.  In relationships, fear prevents intimacy.  Physically, fear causes us to respond with our “fight or flight” reflex.

So if your enemy can make you afraid- for your life, of the future, of someone else, or of your own weakness…you’ve lost.  But take heart!  You have not been given a spirit of fear, and neither have I.


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