Headed Home

It’s been a great week and a lovely vacation.  In retrospect, I might do a few things differently.  A few things I’ve learned, some the easy way and some the hard way:

  1. Choose your traveling companion(s) well.  I did, and it made for a delightful time (even when I couldn’t talk and poor Sarah entertained me with FB updates as we drove to DC at 2am, when I made wrong turns, when Sher let me drive, and when decisions had to be made in general).
  2. Drivers in DC honk…a lot.  Resist the urge to get offended if you are so inclined, realize that they offer no mercy for out-of-towners, acknowledge that you may have done something wrong, and move on.
  3. A GPS system is wonderful in a new city!  Up the fun factor by choosing an accent for “whoever” is giving your verbal directions.

More to come…time to board the plane!


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