Heroes I

I’m spending a few weeks with powerful people, here in the beginning of the summer.  Some of that time is in children’s church, where their theme for the week is Heroes.  The truth is that I am surrounded by heroes-real, live ones- when I look around.

I hadn’t necessarily thought of my time at camp that way initially, but a post by Jennifer Fulwiler combined with some recent conversations to remind me. 

You see, I’m surrounded by people who are doing what many would say is impossible:

  • suffering with joy
  • loving your spouse for 4, 5, and 6 decades- and enjoying each day together
  • pursuing the unseen
  • changing the world in prayer
  • challenging while encouraging

None of these people would extol their own virtues.  Most of them would extol their great dependence on the grace of God and His ongoing work in their lives to make these feats possible.  They’re not your typical hero with a cape, but the world is made better by their presence.

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