D.C. Notes: Library of Congress

I typed these notes in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport (which doesn’t have free wi-fi, boo!) and am finally getting them posted a month later.  Oh well.

Library of Congress

  1. Since your tax dollars are funding the Library of Congress and Capitol (and much more), be sure to check these institutions out.
  2. If your tour guide is knowledgeable for said tours, you will get an amazing tour.  If your tour guide is too knowledgeable and/or interested in minor sub-topics (like the Italian Renaissance interior architecture in the Library of Congress), you will get a l-o-n-g tour.  Don’t feel bad about leaving the tour and conducting your own self-guided tour with the help of a trusty map.  Do check out the Gershwin exhibit in the basement.  Determination might be necessary to find it, but the piano, scores, pictures, and artifacts are worth it for a music fan.
  3. On a similar note, if you want to use any books at the Library of Congress, you’ll need a reader card.  This id looks very official and get you access to the actual books, but it does include a picture.  Be smart (as indicated by your desire for a reader card) and make this an early stop in your day.  Your picture will be immortalized on your card for the next two years (or until you return to the LOC) whether you are looking sweaty and nasty or fresh and excited to read.  I’ll let you guess how my picture turned out.
  4. See the Gershwin piano exhibit in the basement.  It’s a small room, but a fun visit.

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