All Truth is God’s Truth

I got back from a conference for work yesterday.

That sounds boring, unless

1. You are a nerd, too, and like when you get the opportunity to learn a lot from smart, experienced people who are experts in their field, or

2. The above statement is true and you like to look for God’s truth popping up all over the place.

So I wasn’t bored, and there was plenty of  truth that applies to situations outside of job-specific responsibilities.  Truth like:

  • Don’t be surprised when challenges come up.  A good attitude makes dealing with the challenges much easier! (Sounds like 1 Peter 4:12, except that Peter goes beyond a good attitude to rejoicing in the sufferings of Christ!)
  • We need each other.  The conference focused on the need for professional community, but the broader truth is that we are most effective in kingdom living when we do it together.  (See Acts 2:44-47 and 1 Peter 2:9-10.)

There was more, but you get the picture.  To top it all off, the keynote speakers at the conference were some of the most humble-but-confident, gentle-but-direct presenters I’ve seen in a setting like that.  They were extremely knowledgeable and modeled good teaching exquisitely well.  It was a delight to listen to them, watch them interact with each other, and learn from them.  The blend of passion and meekness is rare, but beautiful.


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