Deuteronomy: Choices and Voices

As I finish reading through Deuteronomy, today is the day for chapter 32, aka the Song of Moses.  I’ve long thought that the Song of Moses was cool- a nice poetic break from the lists of rules and census figures.  What I missed, somehow, is the insurance aspect of the song.

Check it out.  God says,

When…they begin fooling around with other gods…then things start falling apart…

…this song will be there with them as a witness to who they are and what went wrong.

Um, yeah.  My paraphrase of that is “I’m setting you up to remember Me when you get yourselves into major trouble.  When you see no way out, I’ll already have you set up to come back to Me.”

Over and over again, Moses gives the people of God the “choices and voices” talk about listening to God’s Word and making the choice to obey.  This is at the end of 40 years of discipline in the dessert and right after a couple major victories.  God knew they would fail- they would not be faithful to the covenant they made with Him- and yet they were His people.

It’s love beyond what I could offer.  It’s love and mercy I need!

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