I love scavenger hunts.  I especially love doing them- working with a team to solve problems that, in actuality, have no bearing on the quality of my life.  In August, the teachers on staff at my school participated in a team-building day of texting, taking photos, getting help, and working together to complete a scavenger hunt.

It was so fun that I decided to pass on the experience.

So I am presently sitting in the Westlake Center Starbucks, using Gmail Chat to send clues via text, and receiving pics from six teams.

All day, Monday through Friday, I give directions.  I have particular aims for my kids to accomplish, and I give directions that I hope will facilitate learning.

Today, I hope that the learning is helpful as we prepare to work together to reach the homeless in our area tonight.  Hopefully, we will grow in our ability to communicate, to work together, and to solve problems.

In the meantime, I watch Seattle go by and wonder about the stories we will share in just a few hours.


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