Choose Life

The sack was white and unadorned, filled with nourishment for body and soul, and free for the taking.  Everything inside was sealed and clean; even a handi-wipe was included.

Refused, the sack will be passed on to someone else.

The man who refused it walked immediately to a trash can and started digging for something to eat.*

And so is life, according to Proverbs.  We can fear God and accept His life, or we can fear everything else and reject His life.  However plain it may look at times, there is a purity and depth t0 this life following Jesus that I wouldn’t trade for a thing.

God’s blessing makes life rich;

Nothing we do can improve on God.

-Proverbs 10:22

*This happened on Saturday night.  While the story saddens me, the greater rejection of life that goes mostly unnoticed each day haunts me more.


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