This is my third year away from ASU.  That means that the students who were freshmen in my last year are now seniors getting ready to graduate.  This realization makes me simultaneously proud of them and grateful for the chance to see bits and pieces of God’s work in them over the past few years.

I also found myself considering the liminality of that time of life.  The weight of decision-making felt huge to me when I was there (as I think it does for most people).  So when I read about Philip’s experience in Acts 8, I saw clearly that I usually want God to direct me in the opposite way He directed Philip.

Quick refresh of Philip’s story: He’s in the middle of revival when God speaks to him and tells him to take a road to the desert.  Philip goes, finds a Ethiopian official in need of Jesus, and shares the gospel.  After Philip baptizes the new believer, God picks Philip up and transports him to another city to resume preaching.

It’s a great story, and God clearly knows best.  Personally, I usually wish that He would supernaturally transport me to the new place.  That way, I could skip the good-byes, the wondering if I heard His voice correctly, and the walk through the desert that (for me at least) usually follows a change like that.

Why God acts as He does, I’m not sure sometimes.  In this case, and in my life, it seems that God is as interested in the relationship aspect of direction as much as He is in getting me to a new location.  He’s ready to speak and then to walk the desert road with me.

He’s also preparing the revival on the other end, whether it is one dude or a city.  “Oh, for grace to trust Him more!

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