He knows!

“My Jesus knows just what I need…He satisfies, and every need supplies.  Yes, He knows just what I need.”

The words drift through my head, comforting me with their truth.  It could be well-argued that my individual satisfaction is not the ultimate goal of God’s work in the universe, but His kindness to satisfy my soul makes me smile to think of it.  When the lies of the enemy mount and the injustice in the world seems overwhelming or simple loneliness strikes, He knows.

So in the vein of His knowledge of not only what we need but also what we experience, here’s a favorite quote:

You told me about Jesu who came to live among the fisherfolk, and was nailed to a tree by the skalds and Romans and hung up to die.  And I remember thinking, this Hanging God is unlike any of the others; this god suffers, too, just like his people.

-from p. 862 of Byzantium by Stephen Lawhead

So when I pray for brothers and sisters around the world and my heart aches for their pain, I too find comfort in the truth that He knows their plight.  He is unlike any other.


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