A Decade Later…

I am more certain of some things and less certain of others.

As 2000 ended, I thought I knew how my life would go.  My plan was set.  I knew how things were *supposed* to go.  That said, I was mostly unsure about how to be myself; what would it be to feel comfortable in my own skin?  I had strong opinions on pointless things and wished for certainty on what really counts.

A decade later, I have no clue what the rest of my life will look like.  What continent(s) will I consider home?  To which vocations will I be drawn?  What roles will I have in the lives of those around me?  The strong opinions have shifted, perhaps, but not disappeared.  I hope that they are expressed and formed with more grace.

What I am more certain of than ever is my hope: Christ in me.  So whatever the coming decade brings, may His glory be known more and more!


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